A well trained dog is a good dog

Our world-class trainers are ready and willing to help guide you through every step of the way. Faithful K9 Trainers has decades of experience and is committed to helping all new dog owners learn the tricks and tips to raise a great companion.

Powerful Tools For New Dog Owners

We're on a mission to raise great dogs

Positive Training

We are a no correction organization. We believe in positive reinforcement and use a happy reinforcement to motivate dogs to respond naturally to each command. If your dog can respond in a positive way to your voice and commands, you'll have a much happier time raising a pup in your home. 


We believe that no dog should suffer because of lack of knowledge. Here at Faithful K9 trainer we teach all dog owners to approach learning with a trainer's mindset. We work on making it a team effort to get each dog to respond faithfully to their owner. Once we evaluate the owners knowledge,  they'll receive a certificate of completion that showcases their new skills. 


Connecting with a dog takes more than just a handful of kibble. Building a trust based relationship is key for both the human and the dog to live together in harmony. Our training methods are based in responsible discipline and positive reinforcement. 

Health and Safety

Each dog will respond differently to all types of training scenarios. We make sure that every dog that crosses our path is well taken care of, healthy, and ready to help bless a human with a strong bond. We'll educate you on all of the dog's needs from food types to the amount of daily activity needed. 

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